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Hi guys thanks for all your work so far.

I wanted to show you something I witnessed these last couple of weeks. I am working with a friend of mine (Dan) at a school for 6 weeks running a course on digital game making. As we are only at the school once a week I thought it would be fun to set them up a blog to try and keep contact. I also uploaded our planning for the unit (Week one to six).

Here is the blog http://malvernprimarygamemakers.wordpress.com/

I gave no instructions to the kids on how to manage a blog and had no experience working with this group of kids, I just told them we had built one and they could use it if they liked. To my surprise they are incredibly heavy users. Over night the first page had 29 comments on it. Mostly kids introducing themselves and answering our questions. The kids showed no apprehension about using this medium – they just jumped right in.

It then gets really interesting. After the second week there were the comments changed to be more reflective on the type of work they are doing for the project, and specific questions aimed at Dan and myself asking for advice etc. This is an example of 24/7 learning – the kids asking the questions when it comes to them rather than having to wait for our class every week. This also allows them to carry on with their work in their own time. Not only can they ask questions but because we added the entire plan enabling the kids to see the work flow they can look ahead and work at “their own pace” (see the comment below)

They also start reflecting on each others work (peer to peer learning) (see the comment below where the student talks about playing Anthony’s game)

This raises some really interesting ideas for how you can use your blogs – this blog is now being mainly driven by the kids. I really encourage you to go and take a look at the blog and read how the children use it.



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