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SAMR Model – what are we doing with technology?


Gerard posted a really great resource in our Google+ Community. It was a list of apps categorised under both Blooms taxonomy and the SAMR model. For those who don’t know the SAMR model it is an interesting way of thinking about technology use. It has four categories Substitution – Computer technology is used to perform […]

Screen shot of how to change an avatar


This is for Katrina and anyone else who is a little unsure.   Changing your picture or avatar is done in the dashboard part of the blog, under users. Bottom left hand corner (see the screen shot below)      

A good example of how kids will approach a blog


Hi guys thanks for all your work so far. I wanted to show you something I witnessed these last couple of weeks. I am working with a friend of mine (Dan) at a school for 6 weeks running a course on digital game making. As we are only at the school once a week I […]

Our first day together


Today we have talked about a lot of stuff including Networking Communication Connecting Collaborating Self Directed Learners ICT Vision Here is a great article on attributes of self directed learning, how many of them do you teach to your students? Watch this vidoe and let me know if its any good.



Welcome everyone. This is a place where we will share our learning experience. The more we contribute about our journey together the more powerful a place this will be for others to learn from. Maybe we could initially introduce ourselves. At this stage we could do that through the comments section. A few pieces of […]

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