It was fantastic being part of the conference video call yesterday. There were a few sound issues but overall it was amazing.

SAMR Model – what are we doing with technology?


Gerard posted a really great resource in our Google+ Community. It was a list of apps categorised under both Blooms taxonomy and the SAMR model.

For those who don’t know the SAMR model it is an interesting way of thinking about technology use.

It has four categories

Substitution – Computer technology is used to perform the same task as was done before the use of computers. Eg write an essay by hand – use a word processor to type it in Word

Augmentation – Computer Technology offers an effective tool to perform common tasks. EG use the spell check function in Word another example is Students take a quiz using a Google Form in stead of using pencil and paper.

Modification  This is the first step over the line between enhancing the traditional goings-on of the classroom and transforming the classroom. Common classroom tasks are being accomplished through the use of computer technology.

EG Students are asked to write an essay around the theme “And This I Believe…”. An audio recording of the essay is made along with an original musical soundtrack.  The recording will be played in front of an authentic audience such as parents,

Redefinition Computer technology allows for new tasks that were previously not even considerable eg A classroom is asked to create a documentary video answering an essential question related to important concepts. Teams of students take on different subtopics and collaborate to create one final product.  Teams are expected to contact outside sources for information.

It is a good way to approach the apps we choose for our iPads – what level do they come in at – It is also good to consider when we blog, are we substituting for existing offline activities or are we doing something with the technology that is completely new (Redefinition) or somewhere in between. Perhaps some of you would like to comment on this post and give some examples of the types of things you are trying and where  they fall.

Below is a nice little youtube clip summing up the model in 120 seconds


Screen shot of how to change an avatar


This is for Katrina and anyone else who is a little unsure.


Changing your picture or avatar is done in the dashboard part of the blog, under users.

Bottom left hand corner (see the screen shot below)




What to do ??


I seem to I open the blog page look at the themes and settings then leave. I’m not engaging in the blog the way I should be. I have never been one for keeping a diary and just recording thoughts so I find this rather challenging.

I have been opening google + and checking messages, looking at some of the suggested sights and watching videos. I leave comments and read what others have written.

I feel like  I’m on the outer not ready to take the plunge in as yet. If that makes sense?

I have enjoyed investigating the apps the most and have given the children in year 2 the chance to open apps they haven’t used before and to become familiar with these.  I have asked them to think of how these apps can be used to enhance our learning.

Well from having nothing to write I think I have done alright.

Signing off k

Getting started


Well here goes. I am ready to get started.

First thing is to start tackling some of the suggested blogs to look at as well as the videos posted on google +.

Will give an update on what I have found out, what was useful and what I really want to have a go at.




Welcome everyone.
This is a place where we will share our learning experience.
The more we contribute about our journey together the more powerful a place this will be for others to learn from.

Maybe we could initially introduce ourselves. At this stage we could do that through the comments section. A few pieces of info; your name, where you teach (your school and your year level), and couple of things about yourself.

I’ll go first

Kynan Robinson
I’m working as the manager of the Professional Development department at New Era.
I also work as a professional musician and composer – see if you can recognise me in this clip.


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